Fandom Labor

In today’s day and age, we tend to think that we have nothing to do with the success of modern media. However, if we consider different TV shows, movies, music, etc., we are the reason behind all of the success. The term for this is fandom labor, meaning people who consume the media are basically responsible for the labor behind it.

Without fans, media would have nothing to aim to please; the audience (fans) are the people they look to keep interested in whatever it is they are producing. Although I wasn’t in class for the lecture, I did some reading online and that is where I got all of this information. A source I used was an article from the Transformative Works and Cultures web page. It explains that something as simple as watching TV can be considered labor for a consumer.

After looking up a bunch of information and reading other blogs, I find it interesting to consider the topic of fandom a type of labor. I never really thought of it that way, but I now understand why it is considered that.


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