Up Like Trump

It’s all over the news; Donald Trump this, Donald Trump that, Donald Trump just bought a foreign country. Love him or hate him, there’s no escaping the inevitable ‘Trumpster’. Although it may seem as though he’s on a different level then us (AKA, swimming in millions), his whole campaign basically focuses on making him seem like he’s one of us and for the people: “Make America Great Again”.  That being said, he’s a prominent opinion leader (at least to Republicans) in today’s presidential race (just as Hilary is prominent to Democrats, typically.)photo

As I said in a previous blog post, I’m not for either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. I just wanted to write about Donald specifically, because although he is an opinion leader in a way, he fails in certain areas because of the perspective he has on women, different races, and different social classes. I think his perspective really is out of line at times, especially when he begins to go on his rants during debates. He has no filter, which allows for any rude comment or opinion to seep through his judgmental mouth. According to an article entitled Donald Trump: The Leader who will take us forward, Donald will be a great leader who will “take us forward”. Wether or not this is the truth is unknown, but I guess we will see when the election results are shown.


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