Presidential Debate or SNL Skit?

I was scrolling through my private twitter feed the other day, and I came across a bunch of hilarious tweets bashing both candidates in the election. Some of them were memes that I probably shouldn’t mention on here, others were well thought out savage jokes. Obviously, I find these jokes pretty amusing or else why would I follow all of the pages that continuously tweet them? However, after watching the recap on the debate tonight, those jokes aren’t really jokes, it’s the cold, hard truth that whichever narcissistic candidate wins the debate, we’re stuck with.

The whole debate, along with all of the other ones, was each candidate bashing the other like high schoolers. Are these two people all that we have to offer for presidential candidates? It’s so scary to think that I have to pick one of these people in order for my vote to even make a minuscule difference. The talk on immigration, like always, was by far the most horrifying to listen to and watch. Even the facial expressions from each candidate are disgusting and immature. All it is is a screaming match, and I’m honestly praying that some third party rises up and gains a lot of popularity, because otherwise we are in major trouble.


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