Cultivation Theory

The Cultivation Theory states that media has the tendency to make extraordinary events look ordinary. According to it, we become used to certain things through long term exposure. We see this demonstrated on Pinterest, for example, while looking at various posts such insanely crafty DIY projects that are supposedly “easy”. This is also seen when we automatically think of a city or state through a certain lens, because we have become so accustomed to what it is stereotyped as. Another time we can see this in play is when we turn on the news and see all negative things. As explained by Bakari Akil II in her article Cultivation Theomedia-cartoonry: Do News Reports Affect Your Worldview, a person who solely relied on the news to determine whether or not our world is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ place would most likely say bad. This viewpoint would go hand in hand with the Cultivation Theory.

By understanding this theory, we are able to see media with an open mind and not through one, stereotyped lens. This theory helps to open our eyes and allows us to pick apart different forms of how the media may be affecting the way we perceive certain places, events, etc. By being aware and realizing that we may just be getting used to certain things around us, good or bad, it allows for us to create our own opinion or viewpoint without the influence of media.


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