My Downfall in the Big Six

One area of these six steps I want to address, because I feel like I could work on it is step number two: my info seeking strategies. I find there is room for improvement in this particular area, because I always differ to Google whenever I need to look something up or find information on the Internet.

thAlthough I always use Google and this isn’t the most effective way to find every piece of helpful information, I do think I do well in the area of not only using the first couple pages. I try to utilize more than just the first few pages, because what I am looking for may not have been sorted toward the front.

After reading the article by Alan Norton, 10 tips for smarter, more effective Internet searching, I have found some ways that will hopefully help me become a more effective searcher on the Internet. By simply putting specific phrases in quotes or capitalizing certain words I can easily come up with better results. I also should consider different search engines other than Google, depending on what I am looking for.


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