There’s Reason Behind That Annoying Facebook Post

We’ve all been there: someone really pisses you off so you suddenly have the urge to go on a social media rampage and pour every ounce of anger and sadness into your keyboard. Why do we do this? Is this really going to help the situation at all, or just simply make you look like a crazy ex on Facebook? As weird as it sounds, this type of behavior in our culture today is actually supported by a theory called the Uses and Gratifications Theory. More specifically, it goes along with the 3rd step.
According to Augustin Gallion in his paper entitled Applying the Uses and Gratifications Theory, people post on social media to not only maintain relationships and further them, but to also express their feelings in order to try to get attention (which could be thought of as a basic human need such as to be affiliated with other human beings). I find this extremely compelling, because I see these posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all too often, and I never realized that there was a reason, other than being unable to control one’s frustration, behind it.


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