How Does Big Data Affect My Understanding of Internet Use?

After learning about what big data is, I feel I finally understand what all the hype has been these past few years about “leaving a digital footprint” of myself on the web. With every click of my mouse and Snapchat I send, a piece of information of myself is being stored into a digital file that is basically available to anyone who takes the time to find it. Now that I am more aware of big data, I feel that I will be a lot more cautious with what I post on my social media accounts in the future. Knowing that future employers have the ability to pretty aBD_e.pngmuch virtually stalk me makes me a little on edge. It’s not that I consider myself a horrible person, but I don’t necessarily want a potential employer to look at my Instagram or Twitter feed since I tend to be quite sarcastic and semi-innapropriate on these two specific social media accounts.

Bernard Marr, a contributor to Forbes, talks of why big data is actually very scary in his article 21 Scary Things Big Data Knows About You. Although the article is almost comical, the truth behind it is extremely eye-opening. My perspective on the internet has changed quite drastically in the past week, and I’m glad I know am aware of what happens with every search, text, and Snapchat I send.


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