The Inevitable Noise

When it comes to initiating a conversation with someone, I consider myself an adequate sender and encoder. My prolific imagination fuels the engine for varying topics that range anywhere from Netflix series, such as Breaking Bad, or simply trying to explain where my tiny Northern Minnesota town is located. The steps that proceed these two are fairly easy to me as well. The kicker in the communication process that creates an immense amount of anxiety for me has always been tied to the noise component.

Noise is inevitable. It’s arbitrary behavior is the sole reason I find it extremely irritating and anxiety provoking. Cell phones, sirens outside, conversations near by, and other unavoidable distractions that elbow their way into the communication process are all examples of noise. There is absolutely nothing more frustruating then having to repeat myself due to the fact that someone finds it necessary to send a snapchat and completely block what I’m saying out. Picking up where I left off in a conversation and having to strain my voice to be heard stresses me out, and although I am unsure why, creates a great deal of unwanted anxiety. As explained in the article “How Does Background Noise Affect Communication” , I feel that this anxiety stems from my fear of not being heard or not getting my point across due to people simply not listening to me. Although I am aware that noise is part of any form of communication, I truly wish that we all had the communication skills to block out distractions and really listen to what the other person across from us is trying to say without having to check Instagram or Twitter in the process.


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